Rune Wizard and Quantum Physics

To become an efficient and powerful 21st Century Rune Wizard, you must have a working understanding of the Laws of Quantum Physics.

As a Rune Wizard, of the 21st Century, heading into battle, you would be foolish only to be armed with a sword, and shield onto the battle field. The battlefield fields of modern day Rune Wizards is the ‘Mind,’ the mental level.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that thoughts are things, that the mind creates. And that there exists an infinite ocean of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. In reality, it is the Mind of God, the creator God, who place everything that ever was, is or will be into the Quantum Ocean for you as a Wizard to use.

There is no time, no past, no present nor future in the Quantum Ocean, there is only the NOW.

The runes exist as keys to the Universal Creative Energies of which you will use. All the Norse and Germanic Gods and Goddess’s are there. All the Shamans, Sorcerers, and Wizards exist there. Every one down through the centuries, and you and I exist there and her because we have chosen to ‘blink out’ of the Quantum Ocean and do something to elevate, raise our level of consciousness and strive to become more God-like. We, when we finish the tasks in front of us, we ‘blink back’ into the Quantum Ocean until our next incarnation.

You hav chosen to become either a Shaman, a Sorcerer or a Wizard. Why else would you be reading these pages? There are no coincidences and nothing happens by accident.

As one of them you will use the tools of all the Norse Wizards that went before you . All these tools, Spells, Charms and Rhymes are also contained in the Quantum Ocean, in a self contained storage unit similar to a software program of many software programs in a giant computer.

You can tap into this Wizard Software Program contained in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. You can use what is there and add to what is there. But you cannot change what is there.

A powerful evil Spell practiced by a wizard 1000 years ago is still there. You cannot change it. All you can do is not to use it and not touch it with your mind and bring it into manifestation or have it ‘blink out’ into the physical world now. Leave it alone and let it fade into oblivion in tha infinite ocean.

What you must do is take out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, runes, spells, chants, and rhymes which you can update into the 21st Century. You want runes and spells which have no evil or negative mental energies attched to them by evil wizards of the past.

As a wizard, you must understand the workings of the Quantum Ocean and discriminate as to what energies you will use in your rituals and allow to ‘blink out’ into the world.

Too many foolish people out there are practicing all kinds of magic, rituals, and spells that they are reading out of books. They are doing Magic that they do not understand and should not do. Their ignorance is releasing negative and dangerous energies into our physical world.

You are not going to be one of those ‘want to-be’ wizards. Take your time, there is no hurry. You have all the time, in eternity to ‘blink in’ and ‘blink out’ of the Quantum Ocean to perfect your Rune Wizard skills. Build your Mental Rune Wizard tool box before you cast your fist spell or ritual. KNOW what you are DOING. Then ACT.