Automatic Forex Trading Software – Fact or Unicorns?

Are automatic forex trading software, also known as “trading robots” worth their price or are they just money in the pocket for developers and foreign exchange institutions? Opinions vary among professional forex traders, but what about your needs? The concept behind automatic trading software is a trader’s dream. Imagine if we found automatic forex trading software that worked in all market conditions. Whether at the beach, on a cruise, sleeping or even working (who would be at that point,) your trading account would be growing. This dream is what keeps trading software buyers chasing every hyped forex software product released. The question remains, are trading robots a fantasy living with unicorns, a secret product only the rich/money grabbing hedge funds can afford, or a reality that is reached for the financially average or even above average trader? The first step would be to define what qualities an automatic forex trading software product would include and analyze the reality of developing it.

Make me a software integrator for a time and here is what I would do. Find the best forex traders; individually explore their strategies, techniques and how they apply them in different volatile market conditions. Next hire a few quantum physics experts to convert each strategy into multiple algorithms. Then develop and apply systematic filtering mechanisms to differentiate market volatility periods. Finally, with the aid of all the experts, crunch the data into software code that matches the right algorithms to any market condition with quantum strength filters. Bingo! A true automatic forex trading software package that literally grows money in trading accounts while we rest next to the pool, clearing our head from the cruise’s previous night’s activities.

Heck yeah! That is the life traders dream of and may soon get. Is it possible? Will the next forex product be the one? Be real, there are two realities known to every successful forex or stock trader. Number one, there will never be a person or software filter that selects algorithm(s) that perfectly execute every trade, but 80-85% or better is reasonable and some pro’s average that regularly. Number two, “News Trumps All,” even pure technical analysis experts will admit that, maybe not publicly, but they get it. And unless you are an illegal insider in every major currency’s financial center it’s not possible to know the news. And if one were so blessed, he or she could not execute it instantly as a computer could. A good automatic trading product could, but is it out yet or will it be coming out in the future?

Many in the trading world admit it is not too far-reaching with today’s technology to develop a good filter set that selects algorithms that calculate and react to market movements. Many believe and is almost factual that an algorithm exists for every market movement. This explains why a few trading software products excel in certain conditions while others fail in the exact market, and vice versa. The truly successful automatic trading robot has filters that select algorithms from its database to apply in that period’s market condition. The dream robot automatically gets you in and out of good trades, out of a bad trades, cutting losses before news spreads as technical analysis does for many traders, but quicker.

Filtering which signals to follow is the tricky part for any human or software product. Quantum physics claim a solution is available for every problem. Has it solved the mystery of automatic trading software? A product is surely in the making and might be the next to hit the forex trading software market. Wonder if traders will see it when it arrives or are we all are so jaded with past products that we miss out? I for one will keep my eyes open. And while I am ordering up the perfect automatic forex trading software like a happy meal, please add in an advanced money management system and full functional controls that let me tweak it on occasion. Hmm, have I seen a product like this or am I still asleep? Meet me in the “webosphere” and we’ll see what automatic forex trading software gets delivered.

Magical Spiritual Quantum Physics = Mind Computer


The Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics has opened a very exciting doorway to co-creation for us to use. Time To use Mind Magic.

Briefly speaking this new paradigm tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. There is no time there only the Now. There is no space there only the Here. Therefore the only reality is the Here-Now!

These laws also tell us that we are part of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Furthermore, we can connect ourselves to all the infinite people, places and things in the Quantum Ocean by our thoughts.

What we think about we eventually attract and make part of our reality. Everything that exists in the Quantum Ocean as a non-manifested photon, wave or frequency and is there for our personal use.

When we think about something we pull it through that invisible barrier into our lives as a physical thing.

Everything that man ever invented, he did not invent. It already existed as a quantum-energy packet in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. All man’s ideas come from there. The camera is just a mechanical version of the human eye. The telephone the human ear. And the computer the human mind.

Here is the good news. You can program your mind to select whatever it is you are interested in out of the Quantum Ocean. Don’t limit yourself. Think big thoughts.

Set up the compartments of your mind like you would the ROM area of your computer.

Example: Let us say you are a writer and you have several favorite writers that you would like to imitate. You can make a space for each of these writers in your mind. Compartmentalize them like your computer does.

Think of Shakespeare and put him in one part of your mind. Say the right side behind your ear. Plato in another side. Back of your head. Rudyard Kipling in another. As many as you like. I have 10 that I use.

Now mentally build your software that will connect these authors and their writings in the Quantum Ocean to your mind. There is no space in the quantum ocean, so Shakespeare and his works exist there and can also exist in your mind at the same time.

This is the Age of the Mind. Experiment, have fun. Learn new ways to use your mind. The world belongs to the bold.

Now to get back. You have a picture in your mind where you want each of your authors to reside inside your head. Good!

Sit quietly during your meditation period (what you don’t have a mediation period? Then you will never break free from the noise around you)

Intone quietly:

“I am now attracting the writings, the thoughts and the ideas of Shakespeare out of the Quantum Ocean and into the place I have prepared for him in my mind. Whenever I think of him and say the following magical words (choose some like open-sez-me) I will have access to his thoughts, ideas and works.”

Do this with as many writers as you like.

You can use it for painters, philosophers, religious leaders, magicians. The inner world is yours. Go in and explore. Break free from all the controlling forces in the materialistic world around you.

Spiritual Quantum Physics is for the average man and woman to use to better their lives.

Intellectual quantum physics is for eggheads and those who wish to control not only the physical world but the inner words also. Beat them to the punch and create your own inner world out of the infinite Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Let us all use Spiritual Quantum Physics to make our individual lives and the collective lives of humanity better.

I say down with technology and materialism.

Business Intelligence Software: The Importance of Getting the Right Information at the Right Time

Today’s businesses thrive on data. And trust me, there is an endless variety of data for them to gobble up and digest all in the name of maintaining the highest level of business intelligence possible. There are examples of data that would include things like: who sold what products, who bought what products, who makes the products, how much the products cost to make, what customers think of the products. The list can go on forever. All of this and so much more are typically shoved into numerous databases of one form or another, and all of which are usually scattered throughout the corporate infrastructure and sometimes throughout the globe. Therein lies the problem. How do you go about getting all of this information from all of these different places? If you ask me, the real definition of business intelligence is having the right data at the right time. This is crucial to making the right business decisions for any company. Having the ability to gather up all of the critical information from its various storage points and ultimately put it into a format that you can effectively use.

As if that weren’t enough, having the ability to get it when you want it is yet another need. These are the main things that any corporation would want from a business intelligence software package. Sure, there are usually some standard reports included with most office oriented software, but are they really useful? Are they flexible enough to adapt to your company’s individual needs? Do they provide the custom views and analysis of your company’s data that you ultimately need? Chances are they do not. And chances are, in order to even get remotely close to your reporting goal, you will have to run a vast number of these reports on the vast number of your systems. Of course, then you still have to make yet another report out of the Everest sized pile of reports you just created. This is obviously not very efficient, and truly has the potential to put your company behind the ball in this fast paced business world.

So what do you do? How do you get around this issue and efficiently provide your business with the data it needs to stay dynamic and evolve with the ever changing business environment? The answer is easy: Q-NET Report. Q-NET is the business intelligence software that your company has been looking for period. Now you can get the data from anywhere it happens to reside. Now you can create a completely custom view of it and even put it in one spot. You no longer have to be dependent on your I.T. department for creating custom reports. Q-NET allows you to do the proper reporting and comparative analysis that helps your company spotlight potential opportunities in the marketplace or even potential threats. Now you can have the right information at the right time and take action instead of being surprised when you realize your company has missed the boat. When you need your data now, Q-NET can deliver.