LG Quantum Cell Phone – Perfect for Work and Play

LG has teamed up with Bell to launch a high-end mobile phone, called the LG Optimus Quantum. The Windows 7 phone comes with a nice roomy QWERTY slider keyboard and features a five-megapixel camera with Panorama shot mode & 4X digital zoom. The LG Quantum Cell Phone supports a 3.5-inch, WVGA (640 X 800) capacitive touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Stereo, GPS receiver, and 16GB internal memory.

The device operates on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with 256 MB of RAM. The smartphone is all set to support the 3G network and comes preloaded with the Play application. This will enable users to stream videos, music, and pictures from the phone to a DLNA enabled TV and other electronic gadgets wirelessly. The operating system is totally different from its predecessors and comes with a new user interface. It will not run applications designed to run on earlier versions and the current models will not be able to be upgraded. The only similarity between the previous and new interface is that both have Microsoft Office Mobile and have support for synchronizing. The current UI is more consumer friendly with focus on social networking, games, pictures, etc. It has a brand new design that can be controlled with a fingertip.

The LG Quantum cell is being marketed as both a business and leisure phone. The Outlook Mobile allows the user to sort, and manage the work and personal emails easily. It is possible to just see the unread or urgent mails or bulk delete messages. All appointments can be seen in a single view. Color-coding allows the spotting of conflicts easier. Work and personal calendars can be combined to sort out conflicts.

There are five distinct hubs provided by the phone. The Office hub allows documents to be synchronized between phone and PC. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be easily accessed from the phone, while away from the office. The People hub is open to updates instantly, allowing the user to stay connected with family and friends. This is easily done through calls, texting, or by one of the social networks like LinkedIn. The Music and Video hub provides access to favorite music from radio, TV, or videos or you can download and manage with Zune PC software. The Pictures hub allows for sharing, posting, or organizing of pictures from a single spot. Lastly, the Games hub allows the user to play Xbox LIVE with any other Windows 7 Phone or PC, but not Xbox consoles. It is possible to use an avatar or gamer profile to track scores. The purchase of new games or applications is possible from Windows Marketplace.

The phone is backed with lots of accessories to make the unit more personal and fun to use. For example, the unique hand cell phone holder sits on a table and holds the phone to protect it from scratches.